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My very first time performing, I rapped acapella among some reputable poets. Some of whom many of us would recognize from big platforms such as Def Jam Poetry. That was so awesome to me, being on the same stage with artists that I’d watched on tv. I fit right in. My acapella performance sounded like a spoken word piece because none of my newest material had been recorded over instrumentals at that time.

Review: "Everlasting in Atlanta Funk" Album by Shaheed404

Dope Cause We Said

“Everlasting in Atlanta Funk” shows off Shaheed404’s uncanny storytelling, lyrical mastery and ear for dope beats. Simply put, this is one album that we highly recommend that you stream/purchase ASAP.

Dope Cause We Said

Congratulations on the completion and release of your debut album "Everlasting in Atlanta Funk". Describe your creative process for the project's nine songs; also, who provided the production? 

Interview: Shaheed404 Discusses His Debut Album "Everlasting in Atlanta Funk"

Meet Shaheed404 -  Interview

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