Shaheed404 is a hip-hop and spoken word artist from East Point, Georgia. Born in ’89, he finds himself in an interesting space. No longer one of the young boys, but not quite one of the old-heads, his music reflects that juxtaposition. With influences that range from The Dungeon Family and Organized Noize to 8-Ball and MJG, Shaheed404 is the modern embodiment of a time when the south was overlooked both musically and culturally. Today, Atlanta is the pulse of popularity, and the origin or inspiration behind every new trend. The music that comes from the city exemplifies its state of supremacy through trance inducing melodies drenched in cocky bravado. Shaheed404, however, is a stark contrast to the status quo. His delivery is passionate, unrelenting, and unorthodox; his energy is urgent, yet poised. He has made his name on the open-mic circuit all over the city, exhibiting his style of rhyme from the perspective of a Southern born, Atlanta bred man on the endless journey of self-actualization. His debut project: Everlasting in Atlanta Funk has been years in the making. He’s been building a grassroots following using music exclusively from the 9-track collection, and its release is a major milestone for the lyricist. 25 years ago, Andre 3000 famously proclaimed “The South got somethin’ to say!” Shaheed404 is proof that those words still ring true today.


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