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Shaheed404 is a hip-hop and spoken word artist from East Point, GA. Born in ‘89, he finds himself in an interesting place; no longer one of the young boys, but not quite one of the old heads, his music reflects that juxtaposition. With influences that range from The Dungeon Family and Organized Noize, to 8-Ball & MJG, Shaheed404 is the living embodiment of a time when the South was overlooked both musically and culturally.

Atlanta, today, is the pulse of everything fresh, and the music that comes from the city carries that cool bravado. However, Shaheed404’s delivery is passionate and unorthodox; his energy is urgent. He’s made his name on the independent circuit all over the city, drilling his style of rhyme coming from the perspective of a Southern-born Atlanta-bred man on the eternal journey of self-actualization.

The impact of Shaheed404’s 2019 debut project, Everlasting in Atlanta Funk, has only increased, steadily reaching new listeners through his relentless consistency in stage performances and unique branding. His much-anticipated follow-up, Season 2, is in the works, with the lead single, W.U.W (What U Want), already making waves.

Over 25 years ago, Andre 3000 famously proclaimed “the South got something to say!” Shaheed404 is proof that those words still ring true today.

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