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Shaheed404’s brilliant rap song “W.U.W. (What U Want)” is taking the hip hop world by storm

Renowned for his impactful 2019 debut project, “Everlasting in Atlanta Funk,” Shaheed404 continues to captivate audiences with his relentless stage performances and distinctive branding. Now, the artist is gearing up for his highly anticipated follow-up, “Season 2,” with the lead single “W.U.W. (What U Want)” already making waves.

GA-born Shaheed404 made a name for himself with debut Everlasting in Atlanta Funk. 404 would be considered a conscious rapper. Channeling A Tribe Called Quest with throwback arrangements, the single “Midnight” is sparse, relying on a murky bass and simple 808 beats.

Atlanta based rapper Shaheed404 crafts a welcoming, weird trip of an album on the surrealist “Everlasting in Atlanta Funk”. The absolutely gorgeous production has a flawless, shimmering sheen behind it. His highly articulate, wild flows are spit with pure fire. Incredible intricate detail proves Shaheed404 to be a careful storyteller, one that paints vivid portraits.

East Point, Georgia emcee Shaheed404 delivers a smooth, mellow cut titled “Homecoming.” Backed by a smooth classic soul sample, he takes the listener to the place he calls home.

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